Rest in Peace Ayah Abdelrahman

It is with great sadness that we announce that Ayah Abdalrahman, one of the creators of At Home in Gaza and London, has died on 2nd July 2019. Ayah was a singer and painter who showed her work in over 70 exhibitions. She was one of six Gazan artists who since 2016 have worked online with their London-based colleagues, breaking the cultural blockade of Gaza with a theatre piece that crossed borders that they themselves were unable to do.

Ayah was diagnosed with cancer in 2014 and received intermittent yet insufficient treatment due the the blockade on Gaza. In the instances she was granted treatment outside of the strip, she ran workshops for other patients from her ward and organised exhibitions in hospital corridors. However, her condition required full medical attention and it wasn't until 2017 that she was finally given permission to leave Gaza with her family. Unfortunately, her health had severely worsened by then. Ayah was a fervent campaigner for cancer awareness and the human right to treatment.

In the final showings of At Home in Gaza and London she appeared live from Cyprus via video streaming. Sometimes it was from her hospital bed, other times from the warmth of her new home. Her optimism and courage inspired all who met her. She was selfless, and her joy contagious. Working with her over the past three years has been a wonderful and incomparable privilege. We have never met a soul like hers. The At Home in Gaza and London team send all our deepest condolences to the Abdalrahman and Barzaq families.

Ayah, our dear friend, we love you and will miss you deeply.

أنتي فنانة

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