Rest in Peace Ayah Abdelrahman

It is with great sadness that we announce that Ayah Abdalrahman, one of the creators of At Home in Gaza and London, has died on 2nd July 2019. Ayah was a singer and painter who showed her work in over 70 exhibitions. She was one of six Gazan artists who since 2016 have worked online with their London-based colleagues, breaking the cultural blockade of Gaza with a theatre piece that crossed borders that they themselves were unable to do.

Ayah was diagnosed with cancer in 2014 and received intermittent yet insufficient treatment due the the blockade on Gaza. In the instances she was granted treatment outside of the strip, she ran workshops for other patients from her ward and organised exhibitions in hospital corridors. However, her condition required full medical attention and it wasn't until 2017 that she was finally given permission to leave Gaza with her family. Unfortunately, her health had severely worsened by then. Ayah was a fervent campaigner for cancer awareness and the human right to treatment.

In the final showings of At Home in Gaza and London she appeared live from Cyprus via video streaming. Sometimes it was from her hospital bed, other times from the warmth of her new home. Her optimism and courage inspired all who met her. She was selfless, and her joy contagious. Working with her over the past three years has been a wonderful and incomparable privilege. We have never met a soul like hers. The At Home in Gaza and London team send all our deepest condolences to the Abdalrahman and Barzaq families.

Ayah, our dear friend, we love you and will miss you deeply.

أنتي فنانة

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At Home In Gaza and London opens June 2018

The show is finally due to open at Battersea Arts Centre in London and a theatre in Gaza, from 27th June - 1st July 2018.  It will then be presented at the Liverpool Arab Arts Festival on 9th - 10th July 2018.  The Gaza theatre will be announced shortly.

Public sharings in Gaza and London

Our four-week research and development workshop for At Home in Gaza and London finished last week with two sold out public sharings at Toynbee Studios in London and Meshal Theatre on 12 and 13 November.

Eighteen artists from various disciplines came together to share their stories, experiences, walks across their cities and dance moves. 

A huge thank you to everyone involved and all the audiences that joined us! 

We've launched our crowd funder!

On 29th June we launched our crowd funder for At Home in Gaza and London at Toynbee Studios in London, with guests Inua Ellams, Jeremy Hardy, Ahmed Masoud, Miranda Pennell, Larissa Sansour, Juliana Yazbeck and Rafeef Ziadeh, contributing to a great evening of poetry, film, music and comedy, and MH Sarkis who donated a painting to a silent auction.  The money will go towards a month-long workshop from 13 October - 17 November, leading to a full scale production in 2017. We need to bring equipment into Gaza, provide infrastructure such as generators, rent rehearsal space, and pay our participating artists.  Help make it happen for At Home in Gaza and London. 


BBC Farsi

Great to see At Home in Gaza and London featured by BBC Farsi!

Farsi readers can access the article here.


Middle East Monitor Article

'Artists challenge the blockade by building a virtual bridge between Gaza and London.'

Art is a threat because it’s a non-violent form of resistance and even non-violent forms of resistance are a threat; sometimes actually they are a greater threat.

At Home in Gaza and London is a digital, cross-border art project that offers an intimate look into people’s personal lives. In one video viewers watch friends sit around a kitchen table, reading, working, bickering and laughing as they would anywhere in the world. But the difference is that the kitchen is in London and the people around the table are in Gaza City.

Read the full article here.

Public Sharing at Watermans Centre

Thank you everyone for coming! All of us in London and Gaza were so excited to finally share more than a year's planning and 2 weeks of workshops with an audience.

Workshops in Gaza and London

Over two weeks, 22 artists participated in our workshops running at both locations simultaneously. Via a two-way internet link and real-time video processing, we appeared to occupy a common space: At times we were next to each other, at times we were superimposed; forming new, composite 'characters'. We found ourselves in a virtual space, imaginary yet tangible, merging reality and escapism. We improvised and shared stories about ourselves, our habits and objects, our homes, our neighborhoods and societies. By exploring our respective domestic space, we immersed ourselves in each other's world.

Week 1 - Participants in Gaza

Week 1 - Participants in Gaza

Week 2 - Participants in Gaza

Week 2 - Participants in Gaza

Week 1 - Walid Tafesh and Tara Fatehi

Week 1 - Walid Tafesh and Tara Fatehi

Week 2 - Abeer Ahmed and Yoko Ishiguro

Week 2 - Abeer Ahmed and Yoko Ishiguro

Week 2 - Ali Hassany and Steve Tiller

Week 2 - Ali Hassany and Steve Tiller

Images by Hani Mortaja and Vivianna Chiotini


From 5th to 17th January 2016, we are in residency at the Watermans Arts Centre in Brentford, in the context of LIFT's Utopia Digital R&D. During these two weeks, a group of around 10 artists in London are working with around 10 artists in Gaza on a series of workshops exploring the possibilities of using video and software to collaboratively create live performance across digital and physical divides. Selected through an open call, the participants involved in the project come from a variety of disciplines - theatre, film, visual arts, architecture, photography - and this is the first time that they work together. 

A free, public sharing of the results of the workshops will take place at the Watermans Arts Centre on Sunday 17th January 2016! This will include a live performance and audience in both cities simultaneously, linked by the internet.

Artists in Residence: Julian Maynard-Smith (Director, Station House Opera), Vivianna Chiotini, Taghrid Choucair-Vizoso
Participants in Gaza: Aya Abdelrahman, Abeer Ahmed, Isa el Alem, Seddiq Felfel, Ahmed Hamza, Ali Hassany, Mahmoud Madi, Mariam Nasser, Ismael Rozzi, Hamza Saftawy, Walid Tafesh, Amjad Abu Yaseen
Participants in London: Nora Adwan, Zoe Aiano, Tara Fatehi, Lia Ikkos, Yoko Ishiguro, Jenny Matthews, MH Sarkis, Gary Stewart, Steve Tiller, Owl Young
Producer: Victoria Lupton
Project Coordinator in Gaza: Najlaa Ataallh
Technical Director in Gaza: Hani Mortaja
With special thanks to: Artsadmin, Waterman Arts Centre, LIFT, Al Meshal Theatre, Theatre Royal Stratford East, RCSSD, Jamal Abu Al Qumsan, Hossam Al Madhoun, Ragheb Besaiso, Jamal El Rozzi, Aser El Saqqa, Ahmed Masoud, Nikitas Papasimakis, Sian Rees, Mervat Shallouf, Paul Stroud

LIFT’s Utopia Digital R&D is a House on Fire project the supported by the Culture Programme of the European Union.