Live From Paradise was the first of a series of performances that created online narratives in which performers in different parts of the world could inhabit a new, global architecture of space. 

Video streaming linking three separate physical locations and three audiences was used to create the appearance of a single, connected space.  Rather than using the technology to ‘talk to the screen’, as in a Skype call, the project created a shared space that could be occupied by all performers, in all locations.  By sharing two projections arranged side-by-side, the views of the locations could be visually aligned to create a single, panoramic space.

The idea was to create a new kind of space that enabled new kinds of interaction between physical and virtual performers.  Each of the three locations had three physical performers who also appeared on screen, in a complex virtual space that was occupied by all nine. 

Narrative characters were created, who were allowed to move visually from one location to another by having each character played by two performers.  The two performers played versions of the same character, one being physically embodied at a location and the other a virtual extension of the first, appearing as an imagined presence or the protagonist of their story as played out on the screens. 

In this way the characters had both physical and virtual presences, in a narrative that had multiple viewpoints.  The audience in each location had a different perspective while being able to follow the whole. 

Live From Paradise was premiered in Amsterdam, linking a luxury flat, a disused pizza shop and a warehouse studio in different parts of the city.  A second version was later produced linking a church, a retail space and a studio in different cities in the UK.